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Driving Lessons - K53 Driver's License Test Pre-trip Inspection

Driving Lessons - Your K53 Pre-trip Inspection

The pre-trip inspection is a requirement for your driver's test and is usually tested before the parking and driving. 


Learn the following steps and you'll create a good first impression in the eyes of the driving examiner.

Inspect the vehicle and recite the following:

  1. No leaks or obstructions under the car.
  2. Seat belt & door in working order.
  3. Mirror & windshield secure.
  4. Wiperblade un-perished.
  5. Tyre tread & pressure checked, wheel secure
  6. Headlights & bonnet secure.
  7. Water, oil, brake fluid & fanbelt checked.
  8. Left side of car same as previous.
  9. Licence disc valid & petrol cap secure.
  10. Back window & tail lights secure / not cracked, boot securely closed.
  11. Back door & tyre same as previous.

Additional tips for your pre-trip inspection

  • Remember to speak clearly during your inspection.
  • Start at the driver's side and then walk slowly and counter clockwise around the car. Doing so will make it easier to remember the steps.
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